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Mercator Antique Shop OP's review

I want to introduce you my review of my last loli purchase - Mercator Antique Shop OP from Angelic Pretty. Yay, the glory of Satan!!! Just kidding guys but it's a satan dress, isn't it? XD

I fall in love with the print once I've seen it! *____* And was charmed even more when I finally received it and could see all the details. 
Stars, crosses, antique chandeliers, mysterious crystals and map of the constellations - there are everything on this print! 

At first I can't remember who is Mercator (Merukatoru as Japanese people say XDDD) but the name seems familiar to me... then I've found it out (thanks Google XD). So, he is geographer and map-maker who made Mercator projection. If you don't know what is it you can read more about this stuff on Wikipedia, for example ^^
But wait a minute what the antique shop?.. XDD So, people giving names to lolita print releases follow their style! XD

Anyhow the print is gorgeous! Let's see...

Teddy bear into glass vessel, also teddy bear in the chest with crystals
(and cute bunny ^^) 
Wings of Pegasus without Pegasus himself  0_0

A beautiful chandelier with a star, head of the Unicorn (dismemberment?) In the frame, globe with stars sky ...

Mercator has even UNICORN TEARS in his Antique shop...

Aaand... severed head of sheep in a crown! Why? Because of Satan of course XDDD

My husband always jokes that Lolita subculture is actually a sect and we are hammering ram at the meetups... Well, Angelic Pretty, are you agree? %)

                                             I found the picture, confirming the theory...

And now to be serious, let's take a look what the cut of the dress is look like...

I like the top of a transparent dress and bodice of thick cotton with a pattern! It have a tiny stars on it, so cute~
The bow isremovable.
The collar is decorated with beautiful lace in two layers.

The dress has a pretty skirt cape made of translucent organza with a velvet bow on it.
There are the same bows on the sleeves. The sleeves themselves are made out in very interesting way *_*

Back style. The skirt cape is also removable as you can see.

And the final touch is beautiful custom made lace on the hem of the dress.

Hope you have enjoyed my review! Happy lolita shopping! ^__^

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  1. Thanks for the review. I really love the collar and the sleeves - they are gorgeous! And I'd call the print "everything you like on one dress" :)