четверг, 6 февраля 2014 г.

I'm back home from Finland! It was such amazing trip XD
It was my first time traveling without my husband. But my lovely friends were with me ♥
Also it was first time in Finland for us. Very interesting experience :)
But I think the best time to visit Finland is summer, not winter~

We were walking around Helsinki a lot! I like walking *____* I took with me my long fur coat and a lot of warm clothes, so walking was OK for me even sometimes it was really cold outside ^^ 

So on Friday we were walking and had a little meet-up with Tony, he is a very elegant aristocrat from Helsinki! He invited us to tea room which finnish lolitas love very much. We were really surprised when recognized that it was tea room holding by Russian (St.Petersburg exactly) tea brand! It was nice :) So we had a tea and talked about lolitas, Finland, Russia and other things~

Our trip to Finland was only 5 days. Whole weekend was for lolita events - Helsinki Lolita Convention (Hellocon) and Tea Party~ 
On Monday we went to Helsinki zoo! I liked :) But the weather is not very good and we didn't see many animals... But I liked it anyway! I think Helsinki zoo is amazing in summer *___* Hope see it someday :)

And on Tuesday's evening was our flight back home. During daytime we were walking and shopping ^^

Next posts will be about Hellocon and tea Party! Please keep reading :)

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