воскресенье, 26 января 2014 г.

I'm starting my new blog in English. Finally!
First of all I would like to introduce myself. My name is Alice (it pronounce like 'Alisa' in Russian). I'm from Russia.
I am a big fan of Japanese street fashion and pop culture. I wear lolita, gyaru, fairy kei, decora and other harajuku-like styles. I love Asia and asian lifestyle and culture in general.
And I love traveling, not only around Asia. 
I have a lot of friends from so many different countries so I decided to start blog in English! Hope you will enjoy it ^^
It will be blog about Japanese fashion (lolita style in general), also about me, my trips, my friends, cultural and other events, my weekdays and holidays.I like to explain how we live in Russia and compare it with other countries.
Simply this blog is about my champagne sweet lifestyle ^^
Let's start! 


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