воскресенье, 16 февраля 2014 г.

♥ Valentine's day ♥

Hi dear!
I wonder what was your Valentine's day about?
It is one of the my favorite holidays and it is really cute!~ ♥ Hope you all were enjoying it!

This year Valentine's day was on Friday - what a luck! I had wonderful evening with my husband Andrew ♥_♥
First of all we went to a cafe where got very delicious ice-cream free for couple! And at another cafe we got free coffee in exchange for hug! It is so nice cafe's offers for Valentine's day I liked it! :)
Another sweet surprise this evening was I met my korean friend at the cafe. I didn't know that she is in Russia again! I was glad to see her~

After dinner at the cafe we went home and spending the rest of the evening with funny film ('We're the Millers' XD) and a lot of sweets which I brought home from Finland *_*
Also I bought jelly beans shaped hearts!  

Also we had some tasty soft drinks

And champagne (we bought it in Reims, the capital of Champagne region in France) with caviar~
*so russian, lol*

I took some pic but only by iPhone, so I'm sorry for bad quality! 
Btw I take pics by iPhone more often than by camera XD
If you are interested I hardly recommended check out (and maybe follow?) my instagram: http://instagram.com/kimchi_pirate

Unfortunately my Valentine's gift is not arrived yet. It is new Angelic Pretty chocolate dress *_* Chocolate theme fits Valentine's day so good~
I will show you it later!

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