пятница, 21 февраля 2014 г.

Royal Creamy Chocolate's review

Yay I'm so happy! I've finally got my new dress - Royal Creamy Chocolate by Angelic Pretty!!!
The dress is incredible beautiful and gorgeous! 

It is really ROYAL with all this gold details and trimming, with military motif on the vest and such elegant print *_*

The print is gold and full of sparkling glitter! I am trying to show it on pics but it is too many light in the room -_-

The super detalized print *_*

And a few more pics of the dress: I like this unique cut so much! Especially back-style. Also it have unusual drawstrings on the back. And it have layers inside including a little organza petticoat.

Hope you enjoyed my review! The dress will be on sale online tomorrow 2/21/2014 (Fri) at noon 12PM PST at the Angelic Pretty USA site.

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