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Why I want to become a KAWAII LEADER

Hi all! 
I'm still not sure if I should post it in public buuuut

Guys as all you know Kawaii.i is holding a new contest now. Probably all you facebook feed now is full of appeals to vote for someone really cute (really! have you even seen so many adorable CUTIES iat once???) but I want you to support me in this contest because my ultimate BIG DREAM IS TO BECOME A KAWAII LEADER! Other prized doesn't bother at all~ of course I would like to win Angelic Pretty prize because as you know I'm a big fan of this brand but still... be a kawaii leader OMG *___________*

Maybe I'm not so kawaii myself but i LOVE kawaii and make it my lifestyle with all the passion! ♥

Well! I want to be a kawaii leader because:

1. I'm actually a blogger. It is my main job at this time. Kawaii.i needs person who active in social media, right? So it's me!

2. My second/part-time job is an assistant in the Moscow Zoo. Kawaii leaders must have kawaii and useful job so I think it's perfect too~

... and sometimes as a tiger =^_~= ...

3. I do everything to promote kawaii culture in Russia and trying to do in the best way!

a) I organize meetups (lolita tea-partyы and Moscow Harajuku Fashion Walk, for example)

b) Sometimes I work on interesting and kawaii project, for example, I (along with my dear friend Katou <3) was an official model to promote Instax mini 8 in Russia.

c) I appear as lolita on Russian TV by regular basic.

d) ... and in the newspapers/magazines too~

4. I am not ashamed of being unusual. Everywhere. Even in Russia (you know about social and political situation in the world and in the my country? Russia really NEEDS a kawaii leader!)

5. I travel around the world and trying to take a part in as many event as I can. For example, last spring I was in Helsinki, Finland and was a model for Angelic Pretty and Grimoire at Hellocon. Last summer I was in Paris, France and now you can see pics of me in Gothic&Lolita Bible, KERA and Spoon magazine from Parisian events. Last autumn I was a model in the fashion show with Kimura U at Gothic&Lolita Festival in Russia. It is just a few highlight of last months!..

I have enough TIME, POSSIBILITIES and DESIRE to be a kawaii leader! 

Please support me!

You can vote for me here http://woobox.com/ouk933/gallery/j0BFLHJGGos
and here http://woobox.com/ouk933/gallery/oCKUSbsDm_A

Thank you very much ♥

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