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Lolita meet-up

My new two blog entries are about lolitas meet-up in Moscow recently.
Well I'm a little bit slowpoke with this reports but I really have no time for blog in March and April because of problem in my family (and my own laziness too, of course -_-). Whatever it was, I'll try not to throw a blog and write more often in the future

So, lolita meet-up! 

First was the meet-up devoted to our guest from St.Petersburg (very pretty girl Liza "Bloody Bird") and the multimedia Van Gogh exhibition!

The exhibition called 'Van Gogh Alive' and it was kind of modern art... I don't really like modern art indeed XD I prefer more classic way... But I must say I liked this exhibition! It was a little bit strange but nice I really enjoyed it.  
Paintings by Van Gogh's "alive" on the walls of the exhibition hall, appeared before the audience in animated form! And with music. I'm not a great connoisseur of Van Gogh, so I really liked that, viewing the entire show, I got a clear idea of ​​his creative periods. Now I can participate on a TV show with questions about Van Gogh, yay V^_^V

After visiting the exhibition, we agreed to meet in a cafe with other girls. Before that we had a few free minutes to take outfits shoot in the yard of art center ^^

Here is pics stolen from my friends angie_dream and Bloody Bird because I forgot my camera that day XD Many thanks to girls for this photos!

Girls in black XD


Hey, it's me! ^^

A group shoot!

Me, my friends and Instax mini ^^

 Here we are!

After this little photoshoot, we went to a cafe, where we waited for the other girls who are not such a big fans of fine art. XD 

In Russian we call this kind of cafe "pirogovaya", which means that it only serves cakes! And drinks, of course. The cakes here are really tasty, and drinks hit us with the variety and originality. It was a lot of fun! Especially when they brought us tea with a whole chili peper, for example.

Aaand of course outfit-pics from a cafe! 

Me ^^

My back on this pic XD I loooove the back of this dress! ♥

At the cafe we were served by very cute boys waiters. They stared as we photographed and were impressed. XD  And suddenly told us: "You want us to bring the cats?". OMG what? Cats? They want to bring us cats in the cafe? At first we did not understand, but agreed (just in case XD).

And what was our surprise when they actually carried out cats from the service room! Wow!
It turns out that these two cats live permanently in the cafe. So cute!

I think the cats  is a good touch to finish this entry.

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